Know More: How to Register a Domain on in 4 Easy Steps

Step One: Check Availability of Domain

Before we can register a domain name for you, it must be available and not belong to someone else. You can do this by typing in the search bar on our home page.

Once it is available you can proceed to Buy the domain.

 Step Two: Submit Customer & Organization Information

Fill in the form at and submit it.

This may also include the names of the servers you want the domain pointed to should you already have a hosting option available.  If you do not have Domain Name Servers for us to point the domain you are registering to, we can let you squat or park your domain with us in the meantime. When you are ready to have it pointed to your own servers you will write us and send us and send us a request. 

Step Three: Choose a Payment Method
Depending on where you are accessing our services from, you will have Online (VISA/Credit Card Options) or Offline Options (Mobile Money, EFT or Cash Deposit).
You should be sorted within 2hrs – 24hrs unless your payment method takes longer than that to clear. 

Step Four: Confirmation

If your payment was online through our website, you will not need to show proof of payment. However, if your payment for a domain was done through other means you will need to show us proof of payment through our official channels Email: or WhatsApp: +265 88 525 6780

Know More: How to Transfer a Domain on in 3 Easy Steps

Step One: Request a Transfer of Domain Registrar

Whether you are trying to transfer a domain from us or to us, the first step is to alert the Registrar you would like to move to that you want to make a transfer. 

Step Two: If they/we agree to receive the transfer then you will proceed to request a transfer from your current Registrar to your desired Domain Registrar

That is, if you would like to move a domain to you will email us at with the request and details of the transfer. We will then let you know if the transfer is possible and the various particulars, like whether it will come with a fee or not and how long the process may take. Once we are aligned and confirmations have been done you will then take our Registrar details and use them in the request to move than you communicate to your current Domain Name Registrar.

Step Three: Carryout The Transfer

Once the requests and confirmations are in order, we will begin the transfer process. Please note that, if we are not offering any hosting packages at the time of your request we will only be able to transfer the Domain Name to Us as a Registrar and not your entire site and all its files. You will need to be clear on this point before we proceed with the transfer to us.